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Join award-winning artist and writer Leigh Medeiros for an e-course designed to expand your horizons.

If you are a struggling artist this offering will shift your relationship to money and help you become the thriving creator you were meant to be.

What Is a Starving Artist?

* Someone who’s always worried about money and making ends meet.

* Someone who never has enough time to make their creative work because they’re too busy working jobs they don’t like.

* Someone who constantly settles for less.

* Someone who gives their creative work away for free or with a massive discount.SANM Book

* Someone who finds regular 9 to 5 jobs to be soul-crushing.

* Someone who believes money and creativity don’t mix.

* Someone whose friends constantly wonder why such a talented person could be so broke.

* Someone whose high level of formal and/or informal education does not match their measly income.

* Some who’s probably tired.

“Before I took the Starving Artist No More e-course with Leigh I probably referred to myself as ‘broke’ at least once a day. I had been living in a constant state of worry and frustration, feeling that I was not good enough as an artist or person. I was wary of New Age ‘woo woo’ practices that promised quick fixes without considering the deeper underlying problems, problems that I believed, stemmed from money itself. But, as I applied myself to the exercises in the Starving Artist No More program, I was amazed to discover how quickly my attitudes and beliefs about money began to shift. I was able to repair my self-esteem and shift my perspective towards money in ways that feel miraculous when I look back at how I felt before the course. I no longer feel ‘broke.‘ I believe in myself, and I have begun to see results from the course in the material world as well as the emotional. The support, enthusiasm, vision, and encouragement that Leigh provided throughout the course was generous and grounded. If you, like me, have ever felt that money is holding you back from your dream of bringing your creative gifts to the world, take the leap and sign up for this course. You will not regret it. You will probably be writing a testimonial for it yourself!” – Poet, Writer, and Teacher Jennifer Lighty

All the creative people I know are tired.

Tired of being broke. Tired of struggling to make ends meet when rent is due. Tired of worrying about money. Tired of the day-to-day grind of being a creative person in a world that doesn’t always value them.

I was tired too. Exhausted, in fact. More than fifteen years of trying to make ends meet as an artist wore me down. It lead to periods of despair, ovarian cysts, low energy, constant underlying worry and a seemingly endless cycle of “All or Nothing.”

SANM YarnBut I felt icky about wanting money.

I mean, I went to art school and studied conceptual art, and performance art, and mixed media art! I was supposed to be cultured, poetic, free-spirited. I was NOT supposed to want money. Even still, I had a lot of thoughts about it – “Money is gross.” “Money is evil.” “Money is a tool of the greedy.” “Money makes things uncomfortable between people.” “Art and money don’t mix.” I just didn’t really want to have to deal with it.

Except, even though I didn’t want money, I certainly needed it.

I finally accepted that money was something I had to deal with, that I was in a relationship with it. And, it was a pretty messed up relationship. So I committed myself to reconciling the conflict within me and healing what was broken.

IMG_1503A STARVING ARTIST NO MORE TESTIMONIAL: “When I started working with Leigh my feelings around money were fearful and my actions were driven by lack and worry. Leigh’s thoughtful and sensitive guidance has helped me to develop a bigger vision for my life and for my art. Working with Leigh has been a blessing. As an artist herself she has been involved in creating art and supporting artists, and has extensive experience of both the business and personal aspects of the creative life. Starving Artist No More is densely packed with exercises and writing prompts that delved deeply into my feelings and thoughts about prosperity. As well as working on my beliefs, The Starving Artist No More e-course gave me useful tools to take positive action. It helped me believe in my own power as a creator of my art, and of an abundant life as an artist. ” – Fine Artist Jane Mant

Once I understood the true nature of money and its potential, things started to change. I went from feeling super broke to feeling like a super star.

SANM paintReleasing past wounds around money, re-patterning my thoughts about it, and getting into action around receiving it, made the difference. After a boatload of inner (and outer) work, I shifted. Now, in the past year I’ve been paid more money for my creative work than I EVER have before. I’ve had more amazing job opportunities than EVER before. I’ve met the MOST brilliant, beautiful, creative people around. And, my work has, literally, been seen by thousands of people around the world.

Since healing my issues around having money I feel more energized, more whole, more creative, and more capable of serving others.

A STARVING ARTIST NO MORE TESTIMONIAL:1970628_10202849765112629_174124027_n When I first heard about the Starving Artist No More E-course, I thought it sounded too good to be true. I don’t use all caps lightly, so believe me when I say the positive results began IMMEDIATELY. By following the assignments in the workbooks, I began to see that I was living by an impossibly contradictory set of unspoken rules and misconceptions about my personal worth and the meaning of money. As soon as I began to make active decisions about what success and prosperity mean to me, I realized that it is up to me how much of it I am entitled to. The happiest side effect of clearing out the conflict, confusion, and emotional baggage surrounding my worth, is that my creative spirit has been liberated! I had not written, painted, composed or imagined anything new for more than 2 years. Within 5 days of starting the program, I was composing music again, and within a few weeks, I had dusted off my art supplies and the creative juices have been flowing since! Thanks, Leigh!” Jen Charleson, artist, poet, designer, musician

Money has been misused by people for too long.

It’s time for the creative visionaries of the world to take it back. It’s time we show people that money can do MORE good than harm, that it’s a tool – NOT an end result. In short, what I’m saying is, I WANNA HELP YOU GET YOUR MONEY MOJO ON! My passion is to support artists, and Starving Artist No More: Penniless to Prosperous in Eight Weeks is one of the best ways I know how to do that.

What You’ll Learn in This E-Course:
* Twelve Artist Archetypes that Prevent You from Making Money
* Your False Beliefs About Money, and How to Shift Them
* How to Stay True to Your Creative Self as You Become a Money-Creator
* The Key to Dealing with Rejection as an Artist
* What Your Unique Contribution to the World Is
* How to Track Your Money – And Watch It Grow
* How to Reframe Debt to Remove the Fear Around It
* What Self-Worth Has to Do with Making Money
* My Venn Diagram: “The Money-Creating Sweet Spot”
* How Creativity is Essential for Making Money
* What Money and Self-Care Have to Do with One Another
* Why Moving Your Body Helps You Receive
* The Best Social Media Sites for Your Work
* How Visibility Increases Your Income
* What Masculine and Feminine Energy Have to Do with Money
* How to Create a New Vision of Yourself and Your Income
* The Two “C” Words that Every Artist Needs to Get Comfortable With
* The Importance of Not Just Creating, but “Co-Creating”
* What Your “Vibration” Has to Do with Money
* How to Conduct Your Own Faith Experiment to Help Receive Money
* Why Being in Service is Key to Abundance
* How to Create an Artist Action Plan with Money-Making Steps for the Next 12 Months
* How to Find Your Big, Fat Abundant Artist Money Goal
…and MORE.

Hear Leigh talking about her background, her money breakthrough, what lead her to create the program and week-by-week what the course entails: Starving Artist No More. (Please note: The offer at the end of this audio is no longer available. Also references to an online forum are obsolete.)

What It Includes:
* Six Weekly Workbooks (packed with content and exercises)
* Six Weekly 1-Hour Audio Lectures (that explain and expand upon the weekly workbook information)

How It Works:
You download the materials and get to work! The course is designed to be SIX weeks of material set into an EIGHT week structure so you can do two weeks on, then one week off. The “off” weeks are designed for catching up and going deeper with this intensive work.

How Much Time It Takes:
The beginning of the program is designed to bring limited beliefs, patterns, and history to the surface for clearance. After that, there are exercises designed to recreate new patterns, visions, beliefs, and experiences with money. This process is intensive! I recommend you spend 5 to 7 hours per week working the material to its maximum benefit. If that’s too much time for you, you may adapt in whatever way works for your schedule.

When & Where It’s Happening:
The FREE Week One of the course will take place online from November 9 – 15, 2014.

What Does It Cost:
The first week of the course is FREE. There is no obligation to continue. Anyone wishing to continue on for the remaining 7 weeks can do so at the discounted rate of $135.

Who Leigh Is:
Leigh Medeiros is a writer, artist, filmmaker, teacher and former gallery owner. She works with artists and creative people offering one-on-one coaching, inspirational and how-to tips, interviews with working artists, on location classes, artist manifesto prints, and e-courses, such as this one. She is a two-time screenwriting fellow through the State of Rhode Island, and has won awards for her short films. Her paintings and mixed media works have been shown in many venues on the east coast of the United States, and are hanging in collections around the country. She can be reached by email here.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 8.24.41 PMA STARVING ARTIST NO MORE TESTIMONIAL:
“In a bit of a creative slump, I knew Starving Artist No more would be just the kick in the pants I needed to get my painting and creative business back on track – and it was!! Leigh is a maven. She understands the artistic process – its gifts, burdens, and necessary challenges. She is also completely versed in the business of being an artist. Her class helped me to tolerate zero excuses for getting the job done! I am a more successful painter and person because of her guidance, and I thank her for bringing back the focus into this artist’s life.” – Fine Artist Debbie Gonville Miller

Ready to be done with the struggle? Ready to step into your power and become the amazing creative force you were meant to be? Cool. Let’s DO this. 


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and its potential. Testimonials should not be interpreted as typical. I cannot guarantee earnings, or same/similar results. Everybody is different, and their success depends on their background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

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