Beyond 48

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 11.56.41 AMFor those who have already gone through the original 48 Days of Creative Devotion program and want to continue on with a creative support group, there’s Beyond 48, an ongoing six-week support group for the creative process.

Whereas the original 48 Days of Creative Devotion program was designed to build a creative muscle and daily discipline, this program is designed for sustainable, ongoing support during the creation process.

How is Beyond 48 similar/different to the original program?
Beyond 48 is similar to the original 48 Days of Creative Devotion program in that folks are asked to do a minimum of 25 minutes of creative work per day and post their results in the forum for accountability, encouragement, and, well, the joy of sharing. There are two differences, however. One is that folks are NOT required to make one complete work per day. They may do so if they choose, or they may take several days – or even weeks – to complete a work. This frees people up to work on larger pieces, series, etc. The other difference is that this program will run in ongoing 6 week cycles. This will enable artists to utilize the program regularly if need be. They may take time off, then dive back in when working on their next project. The goal is to have an ongoing program available to all who wish for continued support.

What does the program entail?
Access to a private Facebook forum of fellow artists for accountability, cheerleading and support from me and others, regular facilitated discussions about creativity.

What are the parameters?
Everyone is asked to partake in the creative process for a minimum of 25 minutes every day then share the results – without apology or complaint! – to our loving, private Facebook forum.

What types of creative work can be made in the program?
All sorts of works! Drawings, paintings, short stories, digital collages, songwriting, choreographed dance, quilts, ceramics, books, screenplays, songwriting, photo series, poems, and more.

What does it cost?
Each six-week cycle is a $18 fee.

How do I sign up?
If you’ve already taken the “48 Days of Creative Devotion” you may pay via the link below and you will be added to the Facebook forum within 48 hours.

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