Welcome, poor, tired, huddled masses of artists. Take a deep breath and exhale. You’ve found shelter.Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 12.06.12 PM

All Creativelike is me, Leigh Medeiros. I’m:

* Head Cheerleader
* Transformative Experience Facilitator
* …and an artist, too!

I’ve been where you are – confused, defeated, broke, and lonely. (Sometimes all at once!)

I know the creative path is not for the faint of heart. But, there’s good news. You’ve already got crazy courage and mad passion! That means you’re equipped to be a successful artist (whatever the word success means to you).

(insert shaking of pom poms here)

On the topics of PROSPERITY & “BIZ MOJO” I offer:
* E-courses
* Group coaching
* On-location workshops
* E-books
* Audio classes

I also provide inspiration in the form of interviews with working artists, how-to articles, and more.

I know the siren call of the blank page and the menacing stare of the empty canvas. I’ve experienced the breakdowns and the breakthroughs. Like you, I’ve spent my life taking a whole bunch of nothing and turning it into something.

The creative life can be a challenging one to walk with its lack of road map, constant detours, speed bumps and potholes, but along with those tough moments come the most inspiring, energizing, life-changing experiences a person could ever dream of.

That’s why the creative life is the only kind I want to live, and I want to help you live yours to the fullest too.
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